For as long as anyone can remember the tale of the ‘Sword Stone’ has been a cherished part of Carrbridge’s folklore. Passed from generation to generation, the story of the mysterious sword lodged deep within an ancient stone has lived on for centuries.

The legend says that in the time of the druids, the sword was wielded by a great leader who defended the people of the village and the ancient forest which surrounded it. Under threat from an invading army, the Ancient Order of Draíodóir fought alongside their Chief who called on the power of the sword to defeat the evil forces.

An ancient text discovered in a cave by the river says the decisive clash was said to have taken place beside an ancient stone circle. In the climatic duel the Chief called forth all his power through the sword which unleashed a beacon of pure light which could be seen for miles around. When the skies cleared the enemy were dead and the Draíodóir had disappeared.

All that remained was the sword, now embedded in a stone within the circle.

The ancient stone circle has crumbled except for the one stone that holds the sword.

Now in the grounds of Reuben’s Highland Retreat and nestling within the ancient forest, the sword and the stone live on.

It is said that the sword will give itself up again when the village is threatened. When nature needs a protector, the stone will yield and the sword will choose a guardian descended from the old druid bloodline to defend the land.

We don’t know if the stone will ever release its age-old grip but we are happy to be the keepers until it does!