This is me at Woodland Wheels, the Velosolutions pump-track in the woods at Boat of Garten. It’s located off the forrest trail just beside the football pitch and is a brilliant track. I’ve been to several around Scotland and this one is my absolute favourite. As well as the main track there is a small version for young kids to start on. You can even ride scooters and skates on the track and there is a bench so your parents can sit and watch if they don’t like to ride. You can cycle down to the track from the lodges through the forrest in 15Read More →

I’ve actually done this a couple of time now. The first time I was on a smaller quad designed for children but this time I was able to ride the adult bike like mum & dad because I am taller and stronger. It’s a really fun thing to do as you get to ride through the trees, up and down hills and even through a river!! I had to lift my legs up in the air so my feet didn’t get wet. At one point I had to dodge some sheep that were on the path we were riding along. I really want to goRead More →